About Us

The year was 1996 when the first owner of 3 Guys Handyman was considering joining partnership with a fellow competitor on the other side of town. The town was Clinton, the owner was Robert Jackson, and the competitor was Michael Paulson. Because the two repairman shops were nearly equidistant to the center of town, Jackson proposed a partnership with Paulson and a bond was formed. Not only could they service Clinton more readily and quickly, but they could also open up their borders to neighboring towns.

Before you knew it, Jackson/Paulson repairmen were an impressive sight to see, owning two service trucks and roughly a baker’s dozen of employees between the set of them. Because they were able to reach so many home so quickly and for the right price, it soon became apparent that they needed to expand. So once again, Jackson recommended a third partnership be added onto the original owners.

To the north of Clinton lie a lazy town by the name of Riverside. Despite being further away from the center of Clinton’s small town, Riverside was far more prosperous, and the only repairman service was a tiny shop on the outskirts of town named Rodger Tito’s Factotum. The Factotum took on all sorts of small work and odd jobs around Riverside, and both Jackson and Paulson recognized the geographic potential of a triangulated partnership.

The time now was 1999 and the Jackson/Paulson repairman service approached Mr. Tito to see if he were interested in a joining of companies. The Tito Factotum happily obliged and the holy trinity was formed. Now the single parent company changed their name to 3 Guys Handyman and business was booming. They had coverage from the edge of the state to the river itself, and everything in between. That was when they bought their first van and employed two more crew.

3 Guys Handyman continues that tradition of expansion today, trying to form partnerships with professional handymen and contractors across the nation. It’s a tradition that extends back to that first handshake in 1996 between Mr. Jackson and Mr. Paulson and we haven’t stopped shaking new hands in partnership ever since. 3 Guys Handyman isn’t just a business, it’s an American tradition.

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